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XHTML, CSS, PHP 5, Javascript/Ajax
Bill Kalogiros
We were contracted to produce a website for Cortenaer, a division of Vifloor Canada Ltd., through Bill Kalogiros from BeCreative (http://www.becreative.ca). Not only were we contracted to build static pages for their website, but they had a great idea for a customizable carpet/rug tool. We built this tool with XML/PHP5/Javascript/Ajax to act like a desktop application (no reloading of the page). This type of solution allows users to quickly change from a lot of different types of patterns and bindings so they can find the perfect Cortenaer carpet or rug. The customize tool allows a customer to select a carpet type then select different patterns for that carpet and it's bindings (border lining). They can then request a quote which sends all the data to a form which they can fill out with their contact information and send it to Cortenaer. Our goal for this project was to build the site with usability features and web-standards compliant XHTML so the site is easy to use but doesn't sacrifice quality of work.