Our Work » PitchPage.com Version 2

XHTML, PHP, AJAX/Javascript, Twistage
Roz Digital Media Inc.
Roz McNulty of Roz Digital Media Inc. originally had an entire Flash-based website, which isn't good for search engine optimization on such a large website. Making use of XHTML and dynamic PHP we built a database-driven web application integrated with Twistage.com for video streaming. This allows all the pages to have SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs which get read better by a search engine. Now the search engines can find all the pages and PitchPage.com will climb the search engine ranks. For functionality, we implemented a rating system that allows 1 vote per person to keep it fair. We also track views for the video pages, so items can be sorted by Most Watched on the browse, search, and tags page. The Sign-up page has some unique AJAX functionality so username and email address fields are checked once the user enters one of those fields, it sends a request to the server to check it, if it's taken already it displays a message to the user so they can keep trying different usernames. We also customized a WordPress blog to match the website so Roz can keep everybody updated on whats happening with PitchPage.