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Mach One Media
Welcome to the world of online schedule management. Bryan Sloan here at Mach One Media has created a new scheduling system which is extremely easy to use and also doesn't require any software installation because it is all web-based. Unlike traditional methods of scheduling, be it a software package or just Excel spreadsheets. Your employees had to make sure they wrote their schedule down or got a print out of it. Now there is an easier way. By using Skedual.com you can give your employees access to their schedules all the time and they will be notified of any changes to their work schedule. Your employees can print out their schedule in an easy to read format at anytime as well. As a manager, you will have quick access to schedule management. If you need to approve shift change or time off requests you can click on a To-Do item that will be shown on your sidebar and approve or decline it instantly. You can add, edit and delete any shifts with the click of a button. Skedual.com supports unlimited locations and each location can have its own employees and managers. You can also have unlimited contractors, employees, managers and executives for each location, as well as no limit to the amount of shifts you can add to the schedule. Try our demo (http://demo.skedual.com) and contact us (http://www.skedual.com/contact/) to setup a beta testing account.